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Reading Genji

On perfection and skankitude

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  1. Background
    It's all rachelmanija's fault.

    This is the world's loosest reading group for The Tale of Genji. We're not all reading the same translation, or reading at the same pace. We're just reporting on it--or any other information which seems useful or relevant--as we read.

  2. Tags
    Suggested tags are translator, chapter numbers, and any other information that seems relevant. Here are the tags we've defined already; posters can add tags, though the maintainers may modify or consolidate tags as they feel would be useful.

  3. Format
    Entries may be full posts or links, at the poster's discretion. We recommend lj-cuts for exceptionally long entries.

  4. Spoilers
    Spoiler-cutting is recommended, but left up to the poster's discretion.

  5. Membership
    Right now, anyone can join, watch, or post. We can reconsider if it's a problem.

  6. Idiolect
    G=P: "Since effusing about the greatness of Genji is such a frequent feature of the book, it's taking too long for me to write it out every time it happens. From now on, every time a character or the author goes off on a long tangent about how perfect Genji is, I will merely note G=P."--rachelmanija

    Genji is a skank: "Genji is such a skank!/I think he's also the world's first Mary Sue too. Or something."--oyceter

    (Also abbreviated as GYS! ("Genji, you skank!"), TM jonquil.)

  7. Courtesy
    ... Do we need a warning on this? Trolls will be forced to write out a description of one of Genji's outfits four hundred times on a blackboard, then taken outside and shot.

  8. Resources
    Genji wiki created by community members.

    Genji online (Seidensticker translation)

    Other Women's Voices page on Murasaki Shikibu, with comprehensive links on Genji and its author.

    Royall Tyler's lengthy and contextual introduction to his translation and an essay on translating Genji

    MCEL Genji home page

    A Photographic Guide to The Tale of Genji

    Manga Adaptations of The Tale of Genji

    The scroll index


    Genji icons from telophase (and more from hernewshoes)

  9. Other
    Comment on this here.

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